I’ve noticed that a lot of my friends have taken for you to drawing up monthly desired goals for their MMO periods, an activity that I’onal been doing too. It helps my?target to state what I would like to accomplish in several titles, with the foreknowledge that I’ll be evaluating that will progress at the end of the actual month, or few days, or whatever.

I have a lot on my platter right now, to be sure. I’m slowly leveling way up a Shaman in World involving Warcraft, I want to get the Captain caught up in Lord on the Rings Online’s epic story, and I would love to discover WildStar’s new Arcterra zone prior to too long. Putting goals on (virtual) papers to do these things provides me with some extra motivation in the event I get distracted.

Maybe an individual don’t play doing this. Maybe you’re a no cost spirit who does what ever feels natural about any given day. In case you’re the goal-oriented variety, I’d love to hear from you today. What are your existing MMO goals? Just what games do you want to pick-up and try? What do you want to achieve in your favorite brands?

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