It’s good to have a inhale of fresh air- specially when it tastes just like the mold, mildew and dry bones ignored in an abysmal dungeon filled with uncertainty. While executed properly most of these dark and oppressive gambling environments can be a real ray of light on the seasoned digital adventurer. Rocketcat’s most recent Android offerings can’t be relegated to a single type, Wayward Souls and Mage Gauntlet incorporate numerous aspects spanning multiple makes. To the relief with the more stalwart gaming group on Android, these action/rpg mash ups are made with love as well as quality in mind. These two two games stay tall and stand alone in boasting the whole premium experience without a monotonous grind or maybe dangling the well known iap carrot stick in front of onto your nose. In fact, neither have got a single iap once the online game is purchased, as well as the apps are well offered help to with no cost updates that from time to time include new articles.

Although Wayward Souls found it’s way to Android a bit before Mage Gauntlet, it is actually the psychic successor. Each headline has been out for some time on other equipment, and we’re all rather glad to see them make their excess of to Android. Having a chance in the market currently, there have been a plethora of positive reviews and critical acclaim pertaining to these two titles. I am going to spare you the facts in grooming around what are already broadly seen as top ledge games. Rather, in this particular showcase, we’ll be looking at the overall scope in addition to appeal of both video games philosophically.

There is no mistaking that these games are throwbacks to the 7 and 16-bit era action/rpgs managing on such systems as the NES, Super nes, and Genesis. Titles like Zelda, Secret of Mana, and many others spring to mind. These older games were quite long by the standards of these respective day, and required a good sit back and a few hours of energy to progress, save, along with pick up again where you had left off later on. This was the sort of predicament that encouraged tough core gamer to get a blanket and also hot cocoa while the strong weather poured down, an opportunity to be taken off and shed in adventures attentively realized within an participating fantasy realm.

Rocketcat has successfully managed to accomplish that same sentiment upon mobile platforms fairly successfully, and astonishingly. Breaking up the action to the mobile market is a greater portion of a cut in addition to dry affair wherever Mage Gauntlet accomplishes this through shorter more defined level design in addition to Wayward Souls embraces a rogue-like process of death and re-spawning. However, both of these brands still harbor exactly the same immersive “feel” as their forefathers with older console programs, and can be enjoyed word by word for extended gameplay classes. In fact that’s the my preferred method of method of these challenging game titles, by setting aside some time and getting drawn in, though it isn’t necessary for a gamer on the go. It is nostalgic actually.

A obviously defined, ponderous mood can be a another aspect that each game pulls with retro sensibility in addition to expertise. This inside of it is quite a feat for your mobile market and over saturation along with thoughtless shovelware. Both titles write about a consistent setting as well as lore that include savvy storylines and attention in order to narrative detail infrequently seen, even in nearly all AAA big funds titles. The story as well as themes touched upon in these games are certainly not necessarily ground breaking nor are the enemies as well as characters you knowledge. Still, the composing is surprisingly strong and holds it’s own adding a welcomed layer of engagement and engagement. It would benefit quite a few larger studios to look at notice what a small team is able to accomplish with the help of a talented copy writer who can string together short yet important content to impart the mood and placing upon the player. Mage Gauntlet does really well at depicting a rather humorous and light hearted adventure via the scattering regarding enemy journals through the entire levels. Effective along with believable (linear) personality interaction has a serious playful banter going without running shoes. Wayward Souls, which takes invest the same universe, is much more clever in piecing with each other the story through story fragments, each explained to through the perspective of on the list of six adventurers the participant can control. As the player progresses with every varied character, challenge pieces to the general mystery are exposed. This in itself contributes tremendously to the replay importance. However unlike this cheery Mage Gauntlet, Wayward Souls is boasts a rather pessimistic setting with a distinctly more somber develop told through observing ghosts in the dungeons and dreamlike cut-scene sequences. Overall, the actual theme of Mage Gauntlet will be exploration whereas Wayward Souls will be escape. A nice juxtaposition for 2 titles that compliment 1 another so well.

Lastly I’ll get right to the gameplay experience the two titles share, as they are quite equivalent. First off the graphics are great as pixel craft goes. The style is often a chip off the aged block and if it’s not broke, don’t repair it. This series harkens back to some of the more colorfully delivered adventures of the Two dimensional scrolling era. Animation is fluid and there is a nice little science system in place regarding bouncing debris and also atmospheric lighting to help accompany each placing. The spell side effects are equally impressive and there is plenty of attention candy to appreciate when the magic bolts along with elemental attacks start out flying. The character fine art illustrates fairly common illusion archetypes, yet each identity has a hand crafted really feel and a unique substance. The writing certainly accompanies the art style in creating a tone for each character. The main hero of Mage Gauntlet is spunky, fearless, and eager regarding adventure, while the personas in Wayward Souls are considerably more solemn and dismal. The sounds are nothing special and are as you might expect via an action centered hack and chop, rpg experience, however the music can be quite charming and atmospheric. Your haunting composition is worth referfing to as some styles run throughout the string, and definitely help to identify emotion and disposition among the player. And then for a typical action/rpg, especially with mobile devices, mood is just not one of the first things that take into mind, but I for think it adds so much to these games.

The gameplay will be the one aspect where both Mage Gauntlet and Wayward Souls shine the actual brightest. The controls are very tight and include logical swipe based actions and an invisible electronic stick. The handles are easy to grasp initially, yet challenging to master. Mage Gauntlet sort of leads a person by the hand in slowly but surely ramping up the difficulty while still preserving a challenge as your persona levels up. Wayward Individuals on the other hand is merely downright brutal! It truly is disheartening to see your much loved character slump to the ground after being pummeled by some mindless fiend, knowing that you’ll want to start all over again. Even so, stick with it, you get to retain all of the loot and also coins necessary to gain levels for the next try, slowly and gradually yet steadily escalating in power as well as skill. The fact that Moga as well as Mfi controllers are protected is an additional perk to people of us out there, nonetheless hanging onto the previous school clunky game controller sentimentality.

I would highly recommend this series to any fan of the action, experience, RPG, hack & reduce, rogue-like, genres. In fact, the two titles are so friendly that I’d suggest them to the most blandly everyday gamer as an review of the next tier connected with gaming challenge. Activities can tell stories similar to just like older a lot more widely recognized media connected with literature and movie. In this case, plodding through the tale points and unique surroundings is a an action-packed nevertheless rewarding journey by means of it’s own suitable. If you haven’t already, accomplish yourself a favor as well as pick up Mage Gauntlet and Wayward Souls. They’re really worth the couple of bucks, more often than not over. Rocketcat has an extraordinary and growing stockpile of Android activities, In my eyes they have proven themselves for being serious about creating the kind of awesome games we love here at Droid Avid gamers. I eagerly anticipate the new updates and cannot wait to see what they’re planning on next.