When Oculus Rift first announced that it was bringing virtual fact back into the ether of human consciousness, I promptly thought of the survival horror possibilities. This genre had been given fresh lower limbs thanks to indie visits like Amnesia and Outlive, and I knew VR could take it to the next level.

While men and women at home eagerly wait for Oculus to become available, Pressed paper is ready to give the masses a taste of what online reality will feel like. Amongst the few video games released for the system is Otherworld’s Sisters.

The game comes about sitting on the right facet of a couch, which is surprisingly effective provided I was testing the overall game in that very place in my home. The space looks like something right out of the original Person Evil mansion. Prior to you is a television and also to the right is a fire with some sinister hunting dolls draped after it. A announcement reporter announces we have a storm coming along with suddenly everything commences going wrong.

The typical scary elements are here and everything commences to get creepier as the demo goes on. With headset in the noises from little girls becomes quite unsettling. A sense of melancholy curiosity might cause that you look behind you, but you’ll be certainly punished if you do.

Most of the events are induced by looking at precise things around the place. When a window opened up to unleash a new twister of crows into your room, I got this neat effect of actually following a specific fowl by moving my own head.

The end with the game is the most terrifying. A menacing blurry behind you offers an effective jump scare until the sisters finally deliver the grim end.

While unfortunately very short, Sisters is a great demonstration of how the immersion connected with VR can make horror game titles even more frightening. The particular sound design is very useful, and the setting will of a great job regarding keeping you in suspense to what will happen next.

It’s just like being trapped in a location with the Olsen twins of your respective nightmares- actually on minute thought just the standard Olsen twins.