A decade after the line has ceased airing, The Powerpuff Girls continue being a global staple involving pop-culture, so much so that actually Christian Bale has been recorded singing the show’s contagious pop theme. Together with the planned revival on the franchise, led from the recent one-shot special, Powerpuff Ladies: Dance Pantsed,it makes sense that will Cartoon Network desires to drive momentum through reintroducing the characters along with other mediums. However, inside the realm of video games, accredited properties are a minor sore spot.

Gamers have a very love/hate (mostly hate) romance with licensed properties and it is therefore extremely difficult to convince them that a licensed recreation isn’t just the latest money grab on the market. It is with all understanding that Defenders of Townsville has both thrilled long time fans and also simultaneously elicited their doubt.

Allow me to assure a person that the game’s developer, Radiangames, have created a title that strives in order to reverence the source materials while offering a compelling knowledge. Is the game executed flawlessly? Not really, but there are enough congratulations elements that no-one need fear that the Powerpuff license is being misconstrued. So let’s get into what exactly this game delivers so you the reader may determine whether Defenders of Townsville is for you actually.


The premise for this video game is simple. Mojo Jojo has invented a new weapon, your “Disremember Ray,” that gives the Powerpuff Girls amnesia, making them forget how to use their particular “ultra-superpowers.” It is nearly Buttercup, whom is the very least affected by the tool, to recover her forces, memories and free her sisters to make sure they may defeat Mojo Jojo prior to he can destroy the city of Townsville.


PPG:DoT is confirmed as belonging to the Metroidvania category of games –? a portmanteau of Nintendo’s Metroid as well as Konami’s Castlevania –?? in which the player examines and charts an enormous labyrinth while overcoming foes and acquiring secrets. Although this headline bears a number of characteristics to the Metrodvania tradition, I have found it difficult to include this in said style.

The game’s plot creates the players’ goal right through the game. Players sail a series of enemy-filled rooms so as to regain lost thoughts and powers so they really may have a final the show-down with the game’s villain.

Players begin the game having Buttercup not even remembering the way to throw a value. As players advance through the map, they’re going to gain flight and all manner of energy projection attacks in order to restore the girls to whole power. As such,? almost all of the focus is on gaining powers versus map exploration.

The map design is quite straightforward. All power ups, reachable or not, are usually within the players look at. Add to this the fact that the map contains prints that inform gamers of which rooms have got uncollected power ups, and one can see why I’ve got reached my given conclusion about the style label.

Once players gain the ability to fly (which in turn happens within the initial couple of minutes of the online game), the play type shifts from the professed Metroidvania style to a mash-up that falls somewhere between a new bullet hell as well as a multidirectional shooter. The most liable description I can handle is to compare Defenders of Townsville to Treasure’s cult vintage, Bangai-Oh, with respect for the undeniable fact that PPG: DoT is far easier and much more forgiving of participant error than Bangai-Oh ever is definitely.

If there were an option to walk rather than fly, then this title may have suit more comfortably inside the genre to which this claims to belong. Even so, the compulsory journey mechanic puts seek on the backburner and the projectile episodes thrust players in a shoot ’em way up dynamic. This is by no means a bad thing, but with the Metroidvania label being bandied in relation to, players could turn out upset over unmet targets. With that, I advise in which anyone considering the buying this game treat it as though it is a shoot ’em up and not the Metroidvania game.

Once players possess unlocked the remaining Powerpuff Ladies, they will have at their disposal several types of attacks which are capable of being charged upwards for a massive invasion; a laser beam, an electricity blast and an assault unique to each gal. Blossom projects hearth, Bubbles projects its polar environment and Buttercup projects some sort of shockwave.

Shrewd observes will be aware that in the animated series Blossom’s unique power can be ice based; Bubbles’ can be sonic based, though Buttercup lacks a unique power. Why Radiangames chose to switch around the girls’ power sets is mysterious, but it does not negatively impact the gameplay expertise.

In addition to each lady having a unique strike, the way the girls use their powers will vary between them. Blossom’s charged problems are fired concurrently from her everywhere you look side. Bubbles hearth her charged strikes in a concentrated burst, while Buttercup unleashes the girl charged attacks within a wide sweep. It is vital for players to try out to the strengths of every character depending upon customized for specific cultures of a given room,? as only certain powers can apparent certain obstacles.

Speaking involving enemies, players won’t find much wide variety in enemy assault patterns. Certain opponents attack physically by means of colliding with the character, some others fire beams straight toward the character, among others release energy episodes in a circular distribute. Some enemy pictures can pass through wall space and obstacles, while some do not. With hyper-flight geared up, evasion of enemy fireplace becomes a simple enough process. For all else, you will find a dash deflector which allows participants to absorb most sorts of enemy fire by simply dashing through the disorder.

Players will have to accept a individual health and power clubhouse for all three character types: a seemingly curious design choice. Still, the sport is quite forgiving, and so a shared set of meters doesn’ really set players at a drawback. There are an ample number of save rooms along the entirety of the chart, and save areas restore both health and power. Even rookies should be able to complete this game within four or five hrs.


PPG: DoT began life like a PC game along with was eventually ported to iOS and Android. The particular implication for cell gamers is that this can be a game designed with actual physical controls in mind. The question then is how well this game adapts to your touch screen interface, to which I answer, “Not of which well. ” I would personally be a liar if I declared this game plays well on a touch screen. Yet I’d be the maximum amount of of a liar if I stated that the game is unplayable on a touch screen.

The video game begins with a merely a virtual joystick. New electronic buttons appear as additional abilities are unlocked. By the time all of the essential abilities are acquired,? the screen is actually inundated with a digital joystick, an attack button, a dash button, a power sharing button and an star on the top of the monitor which allows you to switch involving the Powerpuff Girls. As a consequence of your cluttered display, display space is at reasonably limited.

I do wish to acknowledge that the developer produced an observable effort to address the limitations of your touch screen. Buttons are of varying sizes so that players are better able to distinguish which onscreen controls serve which function. Buttons can also be spaced apart in order to limit accidental key presses. The two regions in which the controls are generally most lacking include the opacity and the color system. The buttons are generally ghost-like against certain background scenes, and the faded light red color scheme solely contributes to this drawback.

Although the controls work just like worse than some other traditional game that is given virtual controls, this is a title by which Moga support should have also been available at launch, particularly considering that the PC edition has Xbox 360 control support. It would seem that the particular developers are aware that this game plays best with a physical controller, yet still decided not to address that very same concern with the mobile port.


The aesthetic with this game, both creatively and aurally, is without a doubt in which this title stands out the most. The game commences with the familiar noise of Bis’ Powerpuff Girls theme song (Bis is the Scottish indie band which consisting and sang your theme for the cartoon series). The rest of the mission’s score is redolent associated with 90s era video gaming music, which at first seems uncharacteristic given the property or home upon which the game is predicated, but seemingly proper considering that this game was designed to echo the games of yesteryear.

Players are given two visual styles to choose from. The first appear is from the modern era Powerpuff Young ladies, based on the recent CGI animated special. The other look comes from your classic era in the series. Depending upon that style you choose, the actual game’s cut displays and in-game look will probably adjust accordingly.? In terms of accuracy, the game appears to be if it is a lost episode from the series itself.

Adding to the nostalgia are the returning noises of the original throw, including all three Powerpuffs, Mojo Jojo, Your Mayor and even this Narrator. It must be said though that there is limited appeal to the voice performing in this game. Seeing that exciting as it is to listen to familiar voices, the script offers hardly any in the way of dialog, departing players to listen to the identical sound bites regularly.

Radiangames is an independent builder and this game is really a small project, so that it isn’t as if a great deal of the budget would be focused on recording a bevy of 1 liners. Still, a certain amount of variety would have been appreciated so that I wouldn’t ought to hear Bubbles often exclaim, “You get a impact, you get a punch AND you get a punch!”

Though your visual design of this game borrows heavily through the animated series, that itself employed minimalism, the action does little to break clear of that mold. As a result, the robot invaders and the backgrounds can appear uninspired from a gamer’s perspective.

That said,? the game is still how it looks slick, appearing to be ripped straight from the television computer screen and placed upon your touch screen.

Fun Factor

Despite your qualms I have listed, Defenders connected with Townsville is still an enjoyable headline in and of itself, and not just which is linked to the Powerpuff franchise. Even though some of the areas tend to be small and void of considerably combat, the larger spaces allow the game to help shine as a busy shoot’em up.

The varying participate in style of each Powerpuff retains things interesting and your few boss spats present in the game enhance the excitement. When the monitor gets covered within a hail of foe fire, the game gets a rather satisfying romp.



-???? The game’s display is faithful towards the source material, including the original voice toss and art property which look practically identical to the show
-???? Having a four hour engage in time, the game is simply long enough to be intriquing, notable and just short sufficient to keep it through being repetitive
-???? One of the few video games which manage to make player feel like the particular superhero they are taking part in as


-???? The game lacks support for a physical controller
-???? In-game dialog is very repetitive
-???? The road design and enemy design are at occasions a bit plain
-???? Not can be a Metroidvania style game, in spite of being claimed so.

Final Score: 3/5

Fans of the franchise’s may find themselves a lot more enthralled than others. Defenders associated with Townsville is a solid sport that manages to do a number of things nicely. Defenders of Townsville is easily the very best Powerpuff Girls game but.