Released by Progmatic, Boulders is a casual game dependant on the idea of treasure looking. In Boulders, participants will be assuming the function of Fred, who’s got embarked on an undercover expedition, with the expectations of striking it loaded by finding buried treasure. Fred can be controlled by swiping, moving one place in any of the four guidelines, and clears dirt as he goes.

Each of the levels contain not only dirt and gems though. There are also glasses that can be collected in addition to used if “something goes wrong”, as well as chests that contain bombs. Bombs are widely used to remove boulders that happen to be in the way, and these likewise prove to be the biggest hazard. Clear away the dirt that’s beneath them, your domain fall until they hit something, and so they crush Fred in the act, should he are already in its path. The objective of each level is obvious it of jewels, and make it to your door, to quit the level and begin a different.

Boulders feature:

? 100% procedurally-generated maps — no playthrough is ever the same!
? Combat-less gameplay
? Completely free – no paywalls, no IAPs
? Movie to move – hint based interface
? Retro design graphics and sounds

The online game uses procedurally generated degrees, so each one is created on the fly, and no a couple are alike. After Fred buys the farm, players are shown how much dirt ended up being cleared, gems compiled, levels were completed, and points had been accrued. Boulders can be obtained for free from Yahoo and google Play, and is backed up by ads. You can check out the action in action with it really is trailer below.