Released by Score Dojos, Raid Tactics is a completely new tactical RPG that was released on to Google android. In Raid Tactics, players will control a small social gathering of three personalities that seek celebrity and fortune, just to end up getting entangled from the accidental discovery regarding secrets that disrupt the peace in the land.

In this game, people will focusing their particular combat on a mother board that’s divided into the six by 5 grid, where figures (player and NPC) are represented as rectangular tokens that are ripped around the board, using items and identity stats and abilities arrayed along the bottom. Participants will work their way through 70 various levels across 7 different dungeons. Within these types of dungeons, players will have the chance to collect different kinds of loot, that range from construction plans, to armor and weapons, to other mementos.

Raid Tactics also has runes, and once they are attacked to be able to weapons and battle suits, those get ingrained with unique outcomes. Also included is a casino of sorts, where players can relax and wager away the carry they earn. Raid Methods can be found on Google Engage in for free, with suggested IAPs included. As always, we have a trailer below that you can check out ahead of installing this game.