Released by FallenTree Games, Swapperoo can be a new puzzler for the Operating system. In Swapperoo, there is a 5 by five mother board with colored patterns that occupy most of the spots. The idea is usually to approach the board as if one has been playing a match up three game, only the difference with it is not that all of the pieces move.

Squares don’t move at all, triangles only move in the actual direction they’re pointing, circles crumble aside and disappear, etc. Once three or more shapes of the same color (just what the shapes are does not matter), they then clear away and are replaced from above, throughout match three vogue. The game contains near to forty different free-form levels that are cleared whenever meeting that boards criteria, such as achieving a threshold for that number of pieces cleaned away, in order to complete that will board. There is also 75 additional challenges with some other objectives for each just one.

Swapperoo uses a cool color scheme for its visuals also, focusing on pastels and cleveland browns, and works in its own way. The soundtrack is also pretty laid back, with a jazzy/lounge flair to it. Considering the developer’s past releases, including the Quell series, that is no surprise since all. Swapperoo is available through Google Play pertaining to $0.99, though which is just the introductory selling price, and should double soon.