Rock Band 4

Amid all the fun regarding PAX East, Harmonix has released their most recent installment to the Rock Band collection will allow players to help face-off against one another throughout online multiplayer. Rockband 4 was released last October but fans have been craving for additional rockin’ content to enjoy. Harmonix possesses listened to requests and decided to release this synchronous online multiplayer purpose in Winter 2016 just in time for christmas.

This feature will play similarly to Quickplay mode. There will also be adjustments made for players whom match up and do not share the same DLC content. There have been a number of new updates to Rock Band 4 since its release and much more to come. Harmonix plans on uncovering even bigger surprises on E3 2016. This update possesses so far only also been announced for Nintendo wii 4 users with no word yet within the?Xbox One version.

Stay tuned for more information and check out the online multiplayer statement below.