This week’s Massively Overthinking involves us from Patreon contributor Roger, who fully admits he retains EverQuest Next on the brain.

“Because we won’t go to a new addition to the franchise, let’s take part in the imagination game. In case you could help choose the style for the next EverQuest game, apart from MMO, what would you enjoy it to be? MOBA? Single-player open entire world? Cooperative/competitive shooter (why not)? Something!”

We know that Daybreak is implementing another game, however it’s unlikely to become an MMORPG (seeing that tipster Chris pointed out, the c’s asked for experience implementing shooters). But will it be part of the EQ lineage??Let’s play!

?Andrew Ross (@dengarsw):?Most important factor I thought when I seen it wasn’t hitting theaters was, “Why don’t they just make it a small-scale multiplayer RPG?” The thought of NPCs with their own lives that can organize assaults on players features kind of been a thing I’ve wanted go back to ever since Asheron’s Phone 2’s beta experimented with this (which actually upset off a lot of players). It could be like Animal Crossing, having elves and swords that cut instead of hang nicely on your wall!

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, web site): Confession time: Ive never really found this EverQuest lore compelling to begin with, so I don’t think all that attached to that the way I do for Star Wars, The Folk Scrolls, or even Guild Wars. The reasons for wanting to notice more EverQuest games is always that I want Daybreak to do effectively, I wanted a major Ccc MMORPG with all the features, and I love when MMORPG IPs push boundaries and cross into the mainstream. Brand new EverQuest games also push?Daybreak to keep the old ones alive. So I imagine my reasoning might be more meta here than anything, but I’d enjoy travelling to Daybreak use the IP to get a shooter or emergency sandbox — yes, we’ve got lots of both, but very few in the high-fantasy space.

And then? Yeah, EverQuest III, make sure you.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog):?Interestingly enough, the actual EverQuest franchise has branched out over and above MMOs, including a digital card game and a number of solo releases with consoles. I don’capital t think any of them do gangbusters, but they were definitely wanting to ride the samsung wave s8500 of EverQuest popularity in the early 2000s.

I’m sure you could potentially shoehorn EverQuest into just about any style, but I’m unsure that any other when compared with MMO would in shape it. Maybe a disaparate, open-world single-player RPG, as looks like it’s the rage these days, could well be interesting with the EverQuest overlay. Yet , we just need Crossy EverQuesty so that Firiona Vie could perform Frogger with fast-moving dragons along with kobolds.

MJ Guthrie (@MJ_Guthrie, blog):?If you’chemical indulge me, I just made a pitch regarding player-run servers for EverQuest and EverQuest II that would allow the management to dictate that timeframe that Norrath is present in. Barring that, how about a Norrath-themed your survival shard? They are all the rage right now! Imagine beating men and women to the furniture decline and finding a few awesome paintings, curtains, or even a wine basket? This time, however, Fippy turns into an epic raid monster just like the Broodmother in ARK. At the very least, cause him to be a Dodorex; that weak Gnoll truly deserves that!

My next plug is made for a Dishonored-style single-player stealth online game. Sure, this pretty much leaves my favorite classes out, but coming around into the different keeps and dungeons to help foil evil (or perhaps good?) plots could well be fun. And oh yeah, the Easter eggs which could by hidden everywhere!

Your turn!