For me, it’s rogues. Ug.

It’utes bizarre because I really like rogues, thieves, and especially stealth archers in single-player roleplaying games. There’ohydrates never been an Elder Scrolls game which has a roman numeral after it that I didn’t beat along with play most carefully on a thief very first!

But man, in MMORPGs, rogues merely tick all the wrong boxes. I hate stealthing movement in MMORPGs. I hate becoming slow. I hate positional melee. Actual burglary is usually reduced in order to tedium (games like Ultima Online and Elder Scrolls Online being notable exceptions).?I just don’t have the patience pertaining to rogues in the MMORPG room, and when I glimpse across my accounts for games where I’ve played lots of alts — City connected with Heroes, both Guild Wars games, perhaps World of Warcraft — rogues, assassins, stalkers, and thieves are always the ones Irrrve never bothered to degree past noobness.

How about you??Will there be an MMORPG course type you can’t stand playing?

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