Fans of either your Dungeon Link game from Gamevil or Cartoon System’s Adventure Time collection now have some good news like a new update coming from Gamevil that is now available gets the two franchises working together. This means that your favorite Experience Time characters are now available to play within the Dungeon Link game.

For folks not familiar with Dungeon Link, that is a puzzle-RPG title that was introduced last year by Gamevil in which players have a crew of characters through moving them derived from one of spot to another, which might be matching that particular character’s coloring, you attack the monsters that are because particular level. Taking care of to cover all accessible spots launches exclusive attacks as well. Be the quick and dirty explanation about Dungeon Link, there may be actually a lot more to it, but that’s the main part of it. Of course your heroes in your team may level up and get stronger along the way.

This new bring up to date brings the Adventure Period world to Dungeon Web page link. Players now have the opportunity summon Adventure Moment characters that they can next use as part of their present team. Unlike the majority of updates that include a couple of new people for players in an attempt to get, this one brings over 20 brand new Adventure Time crafted heroes, such as Finn the human being and Jake your dog.

Along with the new character types, Dungeon Link now has about three new episodes of ranges all themed around the Adventure Time planet. Enemies within most of these levels are also from Adventure Time and all of the rewards from these symptoms are also themed across the Adventure Time world. More episodes is going to be added down the road from now on updates. Within these kinds of new episodes, the actual player’s main heart, or main platform if you will, is now Finn along with Jake’s Tree Fort.

For those of you with Dungeon Link set up, you can now download this kind of update any time. If you want to grab a copy of the game, you can do so for free off of Google Participate in.