I am in love with the night. No, I’m no emo vampire or Superman (although…); I’ve just constantly appreciated the quiet and peacefulness of any night scene, not forgetting the utter change for better it enacts on the world around me. Strolling under a starry sky, enjoying the crickets chatter, as well as feeling wrapped up in eye shadows is a strangely comforting thing.

When you think of MMO music, chances are that this tracks that hop to mind are exciting, bombastic, and even more importantly, bold. Music owed in the daylight, in other words. Yet there are plenty of tunes out there that engage in to the peaceful nights, especially in games having a day/night cycle.

When the sun fails in your MMO earth, what music is released? Today we’re likely to explore six trails that are perfect for a nighttime excursion.

1. “Starry Night” via Aura Kingdom

This MMO’s soundtrack has really impressed me in the last few weeks during my 1st listen-through. It’s full of lovable and expressive tracks like this one. While Starry Nighttime is quite short, clocking with at a little over a minute, it is able to pack in a neat little lullaby that perfectly encapsulates a great night.

2. “Dance in the Fireflies” from Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV possesses so many great night themes, but I’ng been quite keen on this Gridania track. It’ohydrates an absolute earworm; I can sound it on demand for everyone who finds me at work. It’s also a good rich tune, filled with emotions and changes. Maybe you might find it as well loud for a night tune, but hey, this fireflies would beg to differ.

3. “To begin a Journey” from Star Competitions Galaxies

Does anything make you desire to explore the stars as this song? Let’s face it, John Williams nailed it away from the gate in the initially Star Wars film, along with Star Wars Galaxies had been wise to put that track front and center. It’s nostalgic, stirring, along with inspirational all in one unbelievable package.

4. “Palace at Night” from Chronicles of Spellborn

Speaking of long-cancelled games, Chronicles of Spellborn offers up?this half-ambient music, half-nighttime appears to be track for?this week’s theme. It may not be a melody which you can hang your hat, but it is completely peaceful, belonging totally to the night. Can you imagine adventuring through a region at twilight even though hearing this? I’n be in heaven.

5. “Evening Time” from Black Desert

Well, if you despised the last track, you might as well keep on relocating, because is a spouse piece from a different fantasy MMO. It’utes still a mixture of night time sounds (owls and crickets) along with a softly playing synth. It’ersus not one for a major menu track, but then again, not everything has to stay these games.

6. “Dusk (Theme for Popolion)” through TERA

This is probably the heaviest most of them . tracks for this week’ersus column, but I thought it should be included for its evocative mastery and the effect of the exotic it brings to the table. When you search for at the stars, you can observe a lot of things — past, current, and future. This specific track strives to convey all of that… or perhaps it’ohydrates just in my scalp. In any case, well-done little piece that doesn’t overstay their welcome but goes out on top.