Square Enix and Disney’s release of Business Hearts Unchained onto portable has apparently done quite well for itself considering that its recent start, amassing over 2 million downloads in United states alone. This number may not seem like a lot within the grand scheme of things soon you realize that this was completed in under a month’s time. Like all milestone breaking, Block Enix and Disney will certainly host an in-game function for a limited time.

For people not familiar with this game, Empire Hearts Unchained is actually the start of the Kingdom Hearts history. It takes place in the world of favorite anecdotes that is talked about over the series, during an period before the Keyblade War. Therefore there are a number of Keyblade wielders that exist in this time period, along with players will be managing one. If you’re a admirer of the franchise, this is pretty much a must-buy, especially if you might be into the storyline.

For the next few days there will be the in-game event of varieties where players can buy new outfits and also medals that based upon Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde in the recent Zootopia movie. In terms of we know, this will be the only time these are going to be available. So if you’re into collecting these things, you need to make sure you get them all above the next few days as this event ends on Could 15th.

If you don’t have mafia wars but do want to check it out, Kingdom Minds Unchained is available off of Bing Play for free and does include optionally available IAPs of course.