Everybody at Team DG recognizes that I am a fan associated with runners and platforming video games. One of the best games to be released over the last couple of years seemed to be Vector. It had superb graphics, perfect regulates and plenty of levels to conquer. When I interviewed Nekki this past year, they were hard at work in Vector 2. If you couldn’t know it already, Vector 2 is live in google’s Play Store. Don’t fret, Nekki hasn’t forgotten about you actually Shadow Fight enthusiasts. Hopefully Shadow Deal with 3 will be produced this year too. For the time being, why not play one of the greatest parkour games available for Android os.

Vector 2 has greater new coat regarding paint. There are a number of details that have been put into the game. Yes, the overall game still looks awesome, and has those straightforward to learn controls. Nevertheless, the challenges and problem that made the primary game one you had to work hard to beat, very well, those aspects remain here in this version. If you are still anticipating Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst upon PC and consoles to come out, then Vector 3 should tie anyone over until then.?

The game still has you wanting to escape from the aftermarket clutches of whomever has been trying to control anyone. We never really found out who that’s in the original Vector. This narrative of the first game was just enough to pull you into your world that Nekki made. It is more of the same with Vector 2, but the tagline for the game can be ‘Hack the System.’ Your environments are different, however are still running in front of a well-designed 2D entire world that is full of laser treatment, traps and plenty of locations to use your parkour skills. The particular animations and fluidity in the runners in the initial game were exceptional. Based on playing the first levels of the game, and watching video regarding gameplay, this absolutely returns. You will have power-ups and equipment this time around that may help you evade your pursuers.

Vector Only two Features:

Quick Gameplay Thought processes:

Overall so far, Vector 2 is undoubtedly an enjoyable game. The learning curve is steeper, but once you get the hang of it, the game actually opens up, as do the parkour skills. Vector 2 is free-to-play and available to acquire now. It is definitely worth checking out. If you experienced the first game, Vector A couple of has more that you experience and enjoy.