Kunlun Games has declared that their popular Mmog for PC named Elsword will be getting a mobile phone version globally launched soon called Elsword: Progress. Currently this game is within a closed experiment with status, even though it might appear to be everyone can download in addition to play this game today. So really it can be more of an open try out than a closed one particular.

For those of you not familiar with this kind of franchise, Elsword and its new mobile brother usually are action-based MMORPGs featuring an cartoons style of visuals. The first PC game has been around for some time, clocking in at substantially more than 10yrs old with around 28-million players. In the mobile phone version, players will be going up against ocean of enemies that they have to defeat with their picked character (there’s many classes to choose from). As you progress through the sport, you’ll be upgrading your current powers, eventually unlocking even stronger exclusive moves that you’ll need to conquer the stronger adversaries heading you approach.

The actual gameplay could have you controlling your character, moving through every area in a side-scrolling fashion and fighting off your current enemies with an array of actions and abilities. Even though this is the side-scrolling RPG, there are a lot regarding features that come through the MMORPG genre, such as a Guild system with guild-based activities, a large Quest process, character customization having outfits, player sums (such as Speed connected with Wind Raptor and Nasde’s Automatic robot), and of course, PvP combat.

If you’re a fan of the Elsword franchise than you should grab a copy with this game. Even if you have not heard of Elsword before, you should check out Elsword: Evolution by getting off of Google Perform for free. It does have optional IAPs as well.