Hoops Jumper Released simply by UtkuGogen, Hoops Jumper is a completely new casual, endless game to be released onto Android. The idea of the game is very simple, to see how much time a player can last. People will be controlling any bright crimson golf ball, which will be rolling together on its own, from quit to right in the means of a classic platform.

Various road blocks will show up across the path, forcing people to jump over them. Should the ball come in contact with one of many obstacles, the game finishes immediately. All of this is finished in the same vein as Flappy Hen in that this boosts the difficulty level tremendously. Unlike that game though, this doesn’t make use of the faux retro/overly pixelated look that is certainly all the current rage, but instead goes for a visible design that utilizes a new flatter look, using cool shades associated with green that’s in contrast to the crimson colour of the ball. Chatting for myself, I actually including the look.

Hoops Jumper Capabilities:

– Smooth, pleasant ,vibrant graphics.
– Appealing music.
– Basic gameplay.
– Quidditch type hoops

This is definitely one of those kinds of games designed for when you’ve got a few minutes here and there for you to kill. Hoops Jumper can be acquired for free from Bing Play, and doesn’t appear to include any IAPs. You should check out some of the gameplay in front of download the game with the video below.