Released by Game Partnership, Dino Bash is a tug-of-war model game that’s lastly been released around the world. This idea of this video game is fairly straightforward. Dinosaurs want to protect their eggs, which apparently offers the “chosen one”, from the hungry cavemen nearby. The cavemen come in swells, similar to what one could see in a Crops vs Zombies format, nevertheless players will be while using the dinosaurs in a much different vogue.

There are a variety of species that players will utilize, and said dinosaurs will start at the opposite conclusion of the arena, and also march toward the humans. Both sides can have little life metres that appear cost to do business of the individual units, your domain clash until one for reds is completely wiped out. People will have both the capacity to call for dinosaurs that 03 along and assault automatically (or perform some other function, including the Triceratops operating as a defensive tank that protects other units), or using Pterodactyls to drop rubble and other ordinance within the cavemen from above.

Dino Bash Characteristics:

– Unleash an army associated with T-Rex, Triceratops, Raptors, and more savage dinosaurs and protect your precious egg from hungry, starving cavemen.
– Summon volcano bombs, ice rocks, hidden contains, vicious blizzards, and also decoy eggs against most of these invading fools.
– Strengthen your own dinosaurs, upgrade your arsenal, boost your defenses
– Help the dinosaurs stay away from extinction in 80 hand-drawn levels of primal tug-of-war defense

The video game includes 75 various levels, all palm drawn, along with options for upgrading dinosaurs. Dino Bash can be acquired from Google Play for free, and also consists of optional IAPs as well. It’s also possible to check out the game’s trailers below to see some of the gameplay in action.