Released by Csharks Games and also Solutions Pvt Ltd, Voyage Jack is a completely new adventure game with the Android platform. With this game, players will probably be assuming the eponymous purpose of Jack, who was simply piloting a plane that experienced engine inability, forcing him for you to crash land inside the jungle.

Upon exiting the actual plane, he locations a boathouse in the range, so players need to guide Jack through the variety of puzzles, that in the end get him to this particular objective. Players are going to be navigating static landscapes, and use a point and then click approach to pick up materials, or otherwise interact with the environment. Taking the first challenge as an example, players desire to make a tent for Jack near the downed airplane, so finding a way to lessen trees becomes the objective.

There are a couple of wrinkles in order to solving the puzzles. First, they are timed, with a running countdown at the top; the sport is over once time expires. Second, there’s an energy meter of which decreases as Interface walks around as well as does things, thus he will need to be raised on fruit from the place in order to keep his electricity up. Hints accomplish pop up on the screen if perhaps too much time expires minus the player accomplishing a thing.

Adventure Jack is available through Google Play totally free, and is supported by ads. You can check out some of the gaming with the trailer down below.