While Snail Games just recently unveiled the sequel to be able to Taichi Panda, called Taichi Panda Heroes, that will hasn’t stopped the business from pushing available content updates with the original game. Taichi Panda’s most up-to-date content update, termed Divinity, has arrived and delivers with it some significantly requested content attributes.

The biggest part of this up-date is the new Guild Conflicts feature which, as you’re probably guessing, is all about guilds in-game fighting it out to find the best spot. However, this is simply not the only PvP related addition to the game. Additionally coming with this revise is a new area that features 8 or 8 mount-based PvP known as the Ancient Battlefield. Mount-based Player vs player is actually pretty distinctive and something you don’t discover every day in a online game.

Players have new beauty outfits available to customize their characters together with, along with being able to up grade them for superior looks. There is also a new Demigod players can raise called the Black Turtle, as well as new Dog enhancements and templates for Miss Pixie, Vile Spirit, Green Dragon and Sharpshooter. Lastly, there’s the newly added Talisman referred to as Pure Heaven History.

If you have the original Taichi Panda installed, you can now download the particular Divinity update off of Google Play and Amazon’s Appstore. It’s also possible to check out the update’s trailer beneath.

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