Noodlecake has announced they’re releasing a new revise for Mucho Taco so that you can celebrate the upcoming Cinco De Mayo. Created by One Simple Idea, in addition to being published by Noodlecake with Android, this particular video game falls under the arena of Clicker games.

In Mucho Taco, players are tasked with making as many tacos as they possibly can in order to feed hordes of hungry folks. You won’t be doing all of it alone though, because you have the power of your ‘sun tortilla’ and the guidance the enigmatic taco connoisseur named Barbacoatl. Making the most of both of these helpful goods, you’ll be building/managing a number of taco restaurants in order to make endless degrees of tacos, delicious salsa, and toss the occasional fiesta.

The bring up to date, dubbed Mucho Taco 3.0, will bring with it a lot of new features and content for participants to check out. There will be a new ritual system that enables for multiple prestiges/play-throughs, also even more ingredients approaches to use them. Relics can be found that will forever boost different numbers when equipped. There’s also a new Offline Cocinero system for avid gamers to use in regards to handling taco creation when not in physical form playing the game.

Mucho Taco Two.0 Changelog:

– *NEW* Ancient stories speak of a map that leads to a secret routine ground. If a Tacologist were to complete this chart and journey for this ancient place, this would be able to harness your cosmic power of the Taco in addition to gain un conceivable powers that would deliver even more tacos to the universe!
– *NEW* More Ingredients! Plus new ways you can utilize those ingredients.
– *NEW* Gambling and Achievements! Try and get all the results, and keep track of every taco you have ever made!
– *NEW* Off-line Chef system! Does one think restaurants simply created tacos out of thin air? Now you can manage the production of each restaurant when you are not playing with the actual Chef system.
– *NEW* Artefacts! Aztecs had so much relics laying around that a lot of them landed on Mucho Taco. Relics are placed or in restaurants equally the ingredients, but are long term and are accompanied by a image change in the cafe.
– *NEW* Are you felling fortuitous? Mucha Suerte now occasionally will give you a bonus try. Welcome to “Extra Mucha Suerte”!
– *NEW* The shop has new items! Buy amulets that can change your chance, or summon any Fiesta worth of Private eye?atas!
– *NEW* Multiple Easter-Eggs!? Try to find all of them!
Multiples fixes and also tweaks here and there.

As you will notice the changelog is fairly extensive, which means players regarding Mucho Taco will have a large amount of new features to check out. And also this means that there will be brand new strategies to figure out with regards to creating tacos more efficiently, together with feed more people along with making more money.

The Major Taco 2.0 upgrade will be landing on the day that Cinco De Mayo transpires, which is May 6th, 2016. We will post an update once the idea arrives. If you want to check this game out upfront, you can always download them back of Google Enjoy for free.