Released by MIVA Games GmbH, Bondo is really a new puzzler for the Android operating system platform. Players wish to get as high a score as they are able, on a six by means of six grid. The game is surprisingly straightforward to grasp. The board begins blank, and also players are feasted a pair of numbers (0-6) at the bottom of the screen, in the shapes of squares.

Their position can be turned in any direction, and then they must be placed on a couple adjacent spaces on the board, then do this again with the next combine. The idea is to coordinate three of the same numbers, in any pattern that is contiguous but not angled. When this happens, all the hinders disappear, save for the past one you put down, which increases by a single numeral. So, should you clear out a row of 3s, you are playing a single 4. While three 6s are cleared, players are left having a “B” (for Bondo). Clearing 3 of those nets a bomb, which explodes and clears a compact portion of the board, fabric tailgate enclosures players more room to work with, and the game ends when there isn’t any more available space.

Bondo Features:

– 2 modifications of game boards: Day & Night
– 2 domino floor tile designs: Classic dominoes & Quantity tiles
– 2 special Power-Ups to assist you – Eraser and Rotator
– Your Bomb tile
– Make clever moves with the Safe

There spot few “power-ups” such as getting rid of a single number directly from the board, or perhaps rotating a rectangular of four numbers, to create completing three or more ones easier.? Players can also customize their numbers, with choices relating to the colored blocks, and the face of a dominoes.

Bondo is available for free from Yahoo Play, and also includes optional IAPs. Ads can be taken off for 2,500 cash, and a pack of 3,000 costs $1.98, and additional power-ups costs Hundred coins or significantly less.