Released by Gangfort, this particular game of the same name is often a 2D team-based multiplayer shooting. Seeming to draw its inspiration from the wants of Team Citadel 2, with Gangfort truly having a lot of precisely the same features as TF2, although implementing them differently. With that said, this game makes use of the ever popular retro-pixel glimpse and is played exclusively in 2D.

Update: May possibly 5th, 2016 8:22am PST: For those interested in this game as well as were wondering about operator support, the coders are planning to add whole controller support. In reality that is currently the the top of their list regarding features to add for one more update which must not be too far off time-wise.

Gangfort has nine different classes for players to choose from: Rusher,? Constructor, Torcher, Yash, Marine, Mass, Seller, Agent, and Luxury camper. There are currently only two distinct playable objectives: Get the Spot, where you maintain the opposing side by stealing the spot faraway from you, and Rotate the Bomb, wherever players attempt to spin an oversized bomb in the enemies’ base.

This game contains both single-player content, where the other characters are only NPCs, and multiplayer, which often can function over Wireless, LTE, and even 3G internet connections (though the game’s page does note that this may cause latency issues, so it’s not suggested). For these types of game titles you will usually want to follow WiFi or LTE/4G.

Gangfort incorporates both achievements and leaderboards via Google Enjoy Games, and is astonishingly small at only 15MB. The experience is available from Bing Play for a ripped $1.99 with no IAPs often. There is no mention of operator support, so we will post an revise once we know.