Ever heard of a little sport called Maestria? Well, you will find, you may want to look into the idea. It obviously possesses some influences by that popular sport called Monument Valley. This game is just as visually breathtaking, and it actually has some really interesting puzzles to figure out. Whereas throughout Monument Valley you were going through visual weirdness, this is a entirely unique take, based on that which you hear… and see.

Update: Might 9th, 2016 8:21am PST: In a bit of an interesting move, your developers behind the particular Monument Valley inspired online game Maestria have dropped the price of their game via $2 to completely free. This was a premium priced sport, so there were no IAPs, exactly the flat fee. You would think with the new price of totally free that there would now be IAPs but that is also not the case. There are no IAPs still. So if you don’t have a copy of the game yet, you will grab one free of charge.

Maestria was created by independent French game developer Antoine Latour. He is a twenty-six year-old game designer coping with Strasbourg, France. On his or her website, he amusingly, or maybe not amusingly says, “He created Maestria with the hope of making mad heaps, becoming famous, obtaining true love, and to move the time on Sundays. They achieved 25% of these objectives.” I like his love of life already, and even more, the game design is quite impressive.

“Maestria is a dilemna game for your drugs and smartphones, in places you will help Fuge bring back tranquility in eight charming worlds. In order to acquire, you just need to ring the bells in the appropriate order. Easy enough… And often will you find a solution to the 160 levels?” – Antoine Latour

Maestria is usually a premium-priced game, so a whole lot you can breathe easier. There is no IAP to be found in mafia wars. It will cost you $2.00 to help download and that’s the idea! Plus, it is offering 160 levels, understanding that should keep you itching your brain for quite some time. Inside trailer to the video game, we see the intriguing mechanic of aligning the bells in a very particular order, to be able to create the right sequence of sound. I favor how this is setup, and it really appears like a puzzle online game, and the quests tend to be altogether different. The actual worlds are highly detailed, and the architectural mastery that Monument Valley so popular, stands out again here. As an independent game developer, Mister. Latour seems to be moving in the proper direction to fulfill the aforementioned goals inside creating the game.

We will spend a bit of time together with the game and give you the review a bit afterwards. Personally, I like the style and continue to be fascinated. For those of you that state “Oh, not another Monument Valley,In . may want to give this a shot. It may have got murmurings of the lands Ida been to, but this is a little bit different. I do not mind games that are influenced by other online games, as long as they aren’t a primary copy. This is not a replica. This is a nod into a game that is great, along with adding that something extra that is exclusive. You not only could see that in what Mister. Latour has done… you can hear the item too. If you are bold enough to down load it like i was, let us know your thoughts within the comments.