Fans of the beloved Uncharted series know entire well that the upcoming Uncharted 4: A new Thief’s End will probably be the fourth and final console installment on the series, but whatever they might not know is the fact it’s only the final game intended for Nathan Drake, but might not be the tip for the franchise total. “If there is to be another game, could this work without their biggest character? That’utes the question,” said Uncharted 4 writer, Josh Scherr conversing in the latest OPM United kingdom issue. “While I won’big t rule out the possibility of a different Uncharted game without having Drake, it’s hard to visualize how it would work.In . Could it in fact? If Naughty Puppy was going to continue on with the series without older Nathan Drake, what would the fifth fitting to the franchise appear to be?

“I think one thing that’s been great with this series is that we now have created this…I hate to work with the word universe due to the fact Marvel’s been overusing it, but we’ve developed this world where ancient civilizations remain undiscovered and lots of charismatic along with unscrupulous treasure searchers exist to go along with pursue these, Perhaps you could tell an article in that world with out Nathan Drake, but it’s…in some ways it’ohydrates a little bit hard to think about,” said Scherr. Although he is right about creating this universe, one can’capital t help but believe this is the developer’s strategy to separate themselves through Amy Hennig’s Uncharted. Hennig was this writer and creative director for the Uncharted series until she was reportedly “forced out” of the company by a few developers from The Very last of Us. Most of your ex work or more correctly eight months involving her work on Uncharted 4 was scrapped after the The Last of Us coders took over, according to Nolan North.

“The first three video games were the set-up, and when we were to do an additional, how would we best it all off? How could we bring Nathan Drake’ohydrates journey to a shut? Everything we’re undertaking with Uncharted Some is constructed in the direction of that; bringing end to a very long journey,” he said. Everything is concerning ending Drake’s history yes, but people conspiracy theorists in existence might also think it’ersus also a way to stop Hennig’s connection by simply scrapping her work as well as putting her heroes to rest and exchanging them with their own. Even though this is all just hearsay, there is no doubt by the Unknown 4 gameplay video clips that Drake’s ultimate adventure is going to be certainly one of his greatest, but when it all boils down to it, the core involving Uncharted games is about searching the world intended for treasure. As great as drake is, in principle he could be replaced by a variety of other characters. If they could do it as effective as Drake is of course upwards for debate.


The Unknown series is a main franchise for The and sales grown more powerful with each release; the experience has had over Twenty one million copies sold and Uncharted Several will make those numbers grow even larger. Uncharted has done very well for Sony of which Nathan Drake is their current mascot and a movie in line with the games is on its way, generating the likelihood of retiring your series slim. A sport franchise and a figure as beloved because Nathan Drake getting carefully constructed closure is a rare occurrence for not only a game, but any medium. It’s almost certainly a good idea to end the particular series on a large note and start working on a new awe-inspiring franchise.